Sober selfies


Love, light, and aloha from my paradise to yours :unicorn:


got my hair lightened today :blush: had an awesome time sober. Funny on my way there a thought crept in my mind wouldn’t be nice if you could have a drink while getting your hair colored? (My friend does it out of her home) NOT TODAY SATAN :joy:


Nice smile!


Thank you!


Just relaxing while the husband does his music


You lightened your hair, and your soul. Your smile says it all.

Keep getting better at getting better, each and every day.


Selfie with the husband. Vacay day 1. So refreshing to wake up without a hangover!


I couldn’t believe how hot it was. Shouldn’t be dripping while setting up Halloween decorations!


Rainy day in Michigan! 122 days sober


That’s a sunny-day sober smile. Keep getting better at getting better, each and every day!


Thank you Yoda!! :heart:️:heart:️


Captains log, day 263. Perfect weather out. Life’s a blessing I no longer take for granted.


Word. Love the beard and the life in your eyes! Keep shining!


Bottom is dropping out tonight. I’m so ready!!


I’m always amazed at the WHITE in sober eyes! You look beautiful❤️


Love the sober stache!:v:t2:




Thank you!! I was talking to my husband about that! I can’t believe how alert I look! All my pictures from vacations before I look so puffy and drowsy


Day 10 strong!


Now that I see myself sober maybe I’m one of those people who looked better as an alcoholic lol!