Sober selfies



I use coconut oli for everything :heart_eyes:


I used to buy it from a local village in Vanuatu, but haven’t made it back in a while so stocks are running low.


Oh, u live there?


Babysitting my granddaughter today


I have a little house there, but live in Australia


Ok, must be a lovely place. And coconut as a local product :+1::heart:

Edit what season do u have there right now?


It’s Autumn here in Brisbane. Beautiful temperatures.
Here is the view from my little Vanuatu escape. Friends are renting it for a year so won’t be back for a while yet.


One day ill visit Australia, among many other places. My late father has been there and my youngest big brother with his family. They stayed one year in new zealand and returned via australia. Just beautiful :ok_hand:


Amazing view :heart_eyes:


Sitting in a train on my way to work and jealous af right now :sob:
Beautiful view!


I’m sitting in a train right now too… But at least I’m going home.
Missing that view though… It never gets old


3 months today! Greetings from Iceland :grin:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: She suits you well @Frank68. How adorable!


Congratulations @Svenni_Gudmannsson! Good job!! :tada: Keep them rolling! :facepunch:


Day 300

Drinking can go to heck!


Nice job on your 300 days!!!


300 days of getting better at getting better! To heck with drinking!


@TMAC Nicely done!!!


@MandiH @Yoda-Stevie Thank you!!

@BillS Thanks! I was hoping I’d wake up with a beard like Gerard Butler. Alas, I awoke to find myself still baby-faced. We can’t have it all, I guess.