Sober selfies


Nice work on 300 days!!!

I saw Johnny Marr solo and with the Smiths!!! Love his jangly guitar style.
Also saw The Cure several times. They seem to back in the headlines these days.


I feel like that’s how I look when I want tacos and don’t have any! Hope that maybe made you giggle! Hope you start feeling better!


Ha! I’m feeling pretty okay today. I feel underproductive, mostly, but I’m on track for what I think is reasonable. Just need to let go of going overboard in all my efforts. I wore myself pretty thin earlier this week, doing so, and dialing it back now. Patience…


I know that feeling for sure! Then I get stressed out if I can’t get everything done in a timely manner. At least it looks like sunshine is bright and sunny where you are!


I need a baby raccoon in my life now!!!


Congratzzzzz​:tada::balloon::star2::boom: and I agree…you do like Morrisy!! And I also like the Smiths…and The Cure :wink:


@GVLNative @Andreanova

Thanks! Love The Cure as well! :hugs:


You’re eyes shine😉


That is sobriety!


Beautiful isnt it😀




1:23 and im sober. Went to the gym then had some street tacos.

Being a drunk and working out are almost the same. You are sweaty and smell lol! Except one, you get a massive pump. Check out these guns, bang bang bang!20190406_012229


this stuff works amazing! Laneige lip sleeping mask. Also congrats on 49 days!:heart:


You always radiate such happiness in your photos!:sun_with_face: I love the dress print. I scored a pineapple tank at the thrift store yesterday with my daughters.:pineapple:



Aww, thank you! Yesterday was a little tough, but I was able to smile still because I am sober! Yay for thrift shopping!


Happy Saturday Everyone! I slept in today and cant remember the last time i did that since being sober. I havent missed a 6am Saturday morning meeting so this feels kinda weird. I was very tired after a long week and a crappy perfomance at league bowlingast night. So this app will be my meeting this morning! Have a great day peeps!


Well… this is a change


Wow, why an amazing transformation!!! You look 1000 times better!!! Your complexion is fantastic, your hair looks healthy, and you look happy. Congratulations :confetti_ball::balloon::tada:


Gonna be out doing the Lyft thing tonight. Do my best to get people to and from safely. We had a fatal hit and run here last weekend in one of our busy bar areas…hoping nothing like that happens tonight.

Have a strong day, and a safe night!!!