Sober selfies


47 days and my oldest fur babe is thrilled! It’s been a journey but has been a great feeling! Headed for that 60 day key tag!


265 days :slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart:


Sleep has still been difficult. Hoping tonight will be better then the 5.5 hours I have been getting lately. Fingers crossed.


“Checking if the sleeping bag is still puffy and warm after two years hanging in the closet” selfie.


Day 468


Emily, you look so happy! Your smile makes me smile! :grin:


Aww, thank you! I was super happy today too! Just haven’t posted a selfie yet! I’ll do that right now lol!


Got a new lipstick! Love being sober!


The Martian? Loved that movie :joy:


Im a bit worried what youre gonna do with those tweezers…


Holly Jolly 15 Months and Then Some!


Left: posing, trying not to look weird.
Right: forgot the camera makes 3 pics while putting the phone down… :joy::rofl:


Where ya heading Donnie?


And? Still puffy?


Just cruzin vibin’ in the car with no where to go. It was beautiful outside so i took a ride with the music on sun roof down…


I love doing that, got a few looks yesterday driving around with my radio blaring, windows down and singing at the top of my lungs along with it! Lol. Made me think of you actually @SweetTea!


Best meetings ever


Starting to look like i have life in my face!


Haha I love your posts. In your posing one, you look like Scarlet Johansson.:blush:


Totally agree :heart: