Sober selfies


Oh my, yes! Very puffy. :grin: :+1:


Congrats on your 300th day!


Oh so cute from you and @Lionfish :star_struck::kissing_heart:


I dont just sing in the car, i perform!


Heading to brunch with the bestie selfie


Looking all shiny and bright! Keep getting better at getting better!


Me at the taco and tequila festival. Agreed to be the DD for some acquaintances that asked me to come. First time out socially in awhile. Told them I want to leave before it gets too drunk. A little sunny, so I am squinting.


Beautiful hike today


Wow! This belongs in the sober lens thread!


Thought I would share my sober smile after all of this time. Maybe soon I will gather the courage to share the other 50% of my face.:hugs:


It’s Wrestlemania Day!! Whoo!!


That’s nice of you to be the DD! And tacos…yes! Win win :blush:


Enjoyed a great evening sober!


You look dashing Frank :smile:


Catching some rack time in the barracks. Off to work tomorrow!


Looking 007-like :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


There’s that dashing man again!:grinning:


Can’t wait for the other half!:grinning:


Which branch and regiment sir?


Must hit pins!