Sober selfies


USN, currently stationed in Everett WA.


LSU!!! Geaux Tigers!!!


Gone back to the blonde :grin:



Look ready to play baccarat with an evil, yet beautiful agent of SPECTRE.


Tomorrow is 90 days!!!


Is that a cover up tattoo?


It is! It’s about a quarter of the way done.


Keep getting better at getting better each and every day!


Good to see you around and smiling!


Yes!! I will!!! This life is amazing!!! And so much easier :rofl:


There he is!!! How’s life treating you?


It looks awesome! Id love to have mine redone. Nice job!


Thanks! I’m happy with the way it’s coming out, but I’m also very aware of how much more we have to do. Keep us all posted if you get yours redone, do you know what you want to do with it?


Theres not a huge amount I can do with the one on my arm. Ive got some stars either side of my chest that Im either going to thicken the lines or have the ‘GnR’ logo done to cover it up. I think the stars will go into roses pretty well. Theres a small one on my neck which Im ill get to when I have my back done. Im going to get an enormous set of wings done from shoulder to back of my knees at some point so it should be able to take over that.


Love your glasses - off to the opticians at the weekend I think!


I put Shea butter on everything, my skin has never been better. Even the lips.

I melt it in the microwave then add some other oil like avocado or apricot oil and when it solidifies Again it is more spreadable.


The force is strong in this one…


Congrats! Its a wonderful thing to be an aunt or uncle. Now that I’m sober, I’m back to being the fun aunt. And I love it.


Day 82 today! I am finally leaving my job & the toxic lifestyle that comes along with it. I am leaving my life in the restaurant industry and starting a new career path in the dental field. I had my first day today as a dental assistant. I am so excited for what this future holds & I am so grateful for my sobriety leading me to this opportunity.

Also, I get to wear scrubs & they are the most comfortable clothing ever.