Sober Spending

G’evening :slight_smile:

I was always shite with money until I got sober. I would spend every single Penny, Euro, Koruna of whatever currency I had on drugs and alcohol right up until I had nothing left. What Ive learned about myself is that when Im not spending money on drugs and alcohol, im not spending any money at all… which just goes to show how much I wasted!

Today, I was browsing Amazon because I need a new set of knives and I found a really suitable set for about £75 - I bought them and even though I need them, Ive got serious buyers remorse over spending £75 when I could have kept it kn the bank. When I was using, I wouldn’t have cared about spending triple that on drugs and alcohol - all of a sudden, im pissed off at myself for buying something I need?!

Anyone else experience this? I am worried that maybe I’m being too extreme about not spending…


Oh yeah. I hate spending money on myself! I have no problem spending on family stuff. And I love it when my wife buys something for herself. Like love it!! But when it comes to me, I hate it! :thinking:


Knives or kitchenware is something I put in the “need” category. Like toilet paper and toothpaste need. Or lightbulbs need. So I’m okay with shit like that.

It’s not like you bought something silly like a video fam or something. And even then. It’s why we work, right?? Lol

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Yup, same story here. Drop $30 on a mickey and a 12-pack? Easy. Drop $30 on replacing my shoes? Hmmmm…


Heard that! Thing is without my knives, I cant do my job which is why im so irritated that im irritated about it!

James, you need some new shoes mate. :smile:


My husband is the same way with spending on himself.

I’m the same way with sending in general lol I love buying gifts for others, but I would have no gift exchanging ever if possible.

@Ephemeral maybe it’s the “high” from buying something and that made you question it. Because before, your highs came from drugs and alcohol. People are addicted to shopping for sure, they get that rush. I think you should treat yourself but keep your spending in check.

You should post a pic when they arrive

I don’t have a high from spending, it seems my high is from saving and spending annoys me! Ill post a pic when they arrive. They are quite pretty lol

Haha yeah… It’s surprising how one adapts to a situation when it happens gradually in the midst of other chaos. I’m going to be replacing those this week. Assuming I can borrow some cash :S otherwise I have to deal with it until I get my disability benefits released.


Haha I think I’m the same. I love seeing my bank account increase, it’s a game for me.

Sweet :hocho:

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I’m the same. I’d shop exclusively at the second hand store if my wife allowed it. That’s also because there’s already so much “stuff” in the world already and I like to be wise with what I consume.

Maybe it’s a carry over from the sense of worth we feel as addicts? I don’t know about you but my self worth is often something I struggle with. Maybe I don’t deserve this or that, after all… I’ve done things that would make a nun faint. But you are worth it. As long as you use those knives in the service of others, it is a good purchase.


Yea same here… went shopping for the first time in 3 months just last week and that was for the kids.

Oh you need to get something for yourself, you deserve it :heart:

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I was always good with money even when spending money on alcohol, but when working I never had to worry, the kids were always bought things and taken care of along with all the bills. Bit of a shit situation at the moment but I get by, one thing I have always been crap at is buying for myself

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Oh a knife emoji, how appropriate!

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Eh, I have no problems spending money on things I want. Mainly my cycling stuff, but don’t buy stuff just to spend money. I do need to be better about saving, but none of that money is going in the grave with me. I like spending it on my wife and kids though more than myself.
Savings accounts and investments are key too though.


I use this exact sentiment when spending money. But you know me, I need back up plan on back up plan in investments. Won’t matter if the world goes to shit though… Not to be so doom and gloom lol but it’s true.


Please tell me you have another pair…

There’s a pair of winter hiking boots I’ve inherited that I can use if it’s wet out, but they’re not kind to me on a sidewalk. Been making use of those more often but I need to get myself actual everyday shoes to replace the shredded pair.

Definitely true. I’m a fan of backup sources too. I don’t like having doubles of anything though, and I don’t replace something that’s working fine with something better. I look at the bike stuff as an investment. A bad one, but it’s something I can sell for close to what I paid, unlike clothes or some electronics
We still have a TV upstairs at our house where the sound doesn’t work. It’s been that way for 6 months. We just use the nicer TV downstairs. I’ll get one when they’re all on sale around Superbowl time…maybe

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