Sober & Super productive

72 days sober today!

I have noticed that Im really productive when Im sober. My mind is coming up with all kinds of creative thinking and Im actually making stuff happen. Besides working as a tattoo artist I’m painting canvases every single day, working out ect…

Not sure if alcohol was a way to slow down this thinking process for me before? I guess I just wanted the brain to slow down.

Anyway Im happy that being sober is helping me being more creative. Try painting if you haven’t already :slight_smile: Have a good day everyone!!


Good for you! Life is good.:unicorn:

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I hope for you that energy stays the rest of your life :grinning:
But fore me it faded after a while. It’s like my body has to found a new balance after I quit drinking. Now my energy level is normal and that’s ok too. It’s still much higher then in my drinking days! :sunglasses:
Today 156 days sober.


Yeah I hope so. :slight_smile: congrats to your 156 days of success

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Thank you!