Sober tool kit

What is your go to thing in your keeping sober tool kit? I am working on mine, I am new to this and want go get some ideas on helping me stay sober.


Daily self-care list that I print out and check-off each day (or at least weekdays) This is my latest one. I usually only hit about 70-80% of it, but it’s better than 10% when I was drinking!

Daily self-care list:

▪	Morning weigh-in
▪	Shower and shave first thing in the morning
▪	Take my daily vitamins & supplements. (Use a daily AM/PM pill organizer)
▪	Track my calories (I target 1700-1800 daily)
▪	Block off at least 3-4 hours for productive job-search / skill-building activities, try for more
▪	Walk or bike for 20-30 minutes at some point
▪	Stay connected with family, and reach out to one other person daily
▪	Spend time on the forum (but not too much!)
▪	Read recovery-related book or other resource for 30 minutes 
▪	Attend at least two AA meetings per week
▪	Aim for 6-8 hours sleep upstairs in actual bed
  • Good quality sleep
  • Getting up early in the morning (5am)
  • Working out in the gym
  • Vegan Diet
  • Hard Work
  • Running
  • Reading books
  • Music
  • Water
  • Friends and family (no isolation)
  • Gaming

Plan, plan, plan. Most people don’t relapse bc they choose to. They relapse bc something triggers or ambushes them.

To deal w triggers, know what they are and avoid any and all that you can. For that you need a plan. If it’s your fave liquor store, plan a different route home.

Have a plan for ambushes. Getting a call from an old drinking buddy, or when someone offers a drink or when you feel like you can handle a situation or possible temptation and can’t.

I had to change a lot of things. My residence, my roommate, my social circle, my fave restaurants even.

Have a plan, then have Plan b when the oroginalplan fall apart.

Plan, plan, plan.


So many great tools here. Great question.
O … write the obituary is powerful! Chandler- change yes.
Just finished a six week workshop. Mannnn, just when you think you got things, a new set of sobriety life issues appears!!! But that’s the learning and growing part of it.
I began getting up at 6 a.m. EST instead of 7.
Read and have coffee 20-25 minutes. All adult kids nowadays!
2 hours of house chores.
Volunteer 2-3 times a week
Babysit or visit with my grandkiddos at least 3 or 4 times a month.
Just recently changed my diet over to nothing strict but definitely more heart and hip healthy!
Sleep- how I treasure my sleep after years of agonizing lion wrestling with sheets and comforters. If I do have an occasional 3 a.m. wake up I just go with it now.
I journal at least 20-45 mins a day. You’d be surprised how fast that time goes once you get started!
I STOPPED watching the news (the blews) about a month ago. Love it.
I make sure I laugh at least twice a day more hopefully.
I feed the birds! One cardinal couple have been returning for four years now!
I go to bed with gratitude. I enjoy hot and cold running water.
I try to learn one thing new each day
It may not happen in that order after coffee and self care reading but each happens pretty much every day!

I really should be doing this…I feel like I totes so many times while drinking with no success. Now that I’m not drinking this could probably
Increase my quality of life quite a bit!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow some great tools here I hope more people add to this…personally I have an line up of recovery related books to read especially during high risk times, this forum, and a variety of worksheets from SMART and around the web.

Also this online course for building better boundaries:

Bullet journal

A nutritionist

Supplements ( b complex, D, chromium, 5-htp, GABA , omegas, etc.



My work projects lol does that count ?