Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Ever wonder if you have a sober twinsie? Here would be a place to look for them. Shout out your date and see if anyone ever turns up.

Sober Twin de la C-sun, I don’t expect to find you, but if you are out there looking for me know me by the date of my sobriety. 2-15-17. Are you out there?


I’m the 10th of February 2018


Once, mine was unimpressive too. Give it some time. It gets attached to you.



( ö )/




February 2, 2018


You just want to rub my nose in my lonesome sobriety date again. 12-28-16.


4/8/18. Where ya at ?!?!


Mine just changed. To tomorrow. Or so… :pensive:


Are you ok, Jessica?




November 14, 2017


I’m glad you happen to be online


Ive been there. Not like ive been there years or months ago, like days / weeks ago. I know its easier to give a generic answer then get into all the BS, but luckily you have an amazing group here WHO HAS ALSO BEEN THERE. Lifes BS is heavy. Especially when we keep it in. You got a great community here, and i know today is in the books - but i really hope u jump right back in tomorrow…we can celebrate 90 days / 1 yr / etc. in the same month! Were all here for u


Mine’s 7th april 2018. Close lol


Im at midnight so tecnicallllyyyy we are one minute off haha


Close enough. Hi sober twin :joy:


Thank you very much. I feel like I failed and let so many people down. And this was literally my first attempt, first sober date that I will now have to change. I put so much on my own shoulders. It’s not the world. It’s no ones fault. It’s me. I am trying to recognize and change that.



13th May 2017


Ive reset a few times. But def got smarter. It actually helped (i know…weird.) if you get right back at it i know you will do great!