Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Yeah, were you planning on telling us?


It’s all over the check-in thread. Haha, not keeping a secret, I promise. I’m actually about to make a thread about a stupid chick at work trying to get me to do what SHE wants on my day.


Check in threads are for noobs (calm down everyone, it’s a joke). You need to let us know these things!


Fair. Totally fair. I feel like I’ve said it, but I’m not sure if it actually was in one of our shared interest threads. Anyway, TUESDAY IS MY SOBER BIRTHDAY Y’ALL!


Well you are modest after all lol


You gotta make a whole new post just for your one year party so we can celebrate with you.
If you start it a few days early it gives everyone time to get their ice cream. Lol


Yeah, and the title is probably allused up so make it @Modestakieran’s one year icecream kill thread or something like yhat.


Haha yea. I couldn’t use ice cream party :joy::joy:


My birthday is the 18th! Lol double reason to have an ice cream party!


Video game party? I’m not on any of those things, but I’m sure some people here could log in and play with you


Much like everything else I do I don’t play multiplayer type stuff. But it was a good idea!


I tried. We could all march through Philly wearing penguins gear


something like this?



Oh but there are so many good multiplayer games.
PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds is great for people who don’t really like playing with people.
I love it. I can play solo or play with the few friends I actually enjoy playing with.


I see a lot of close ones to mine, but no cigar.
February 12, 2018.


So close to me though. Next year I am going to camp out on here and in real meetings on my sober birthday. Instead of focusing on the party thread (nothing wrong with it) I am going to find someone who coincidentally gets sober that day.


Now, that is genius! I may have to borrow your idea. :grinning:


Stalking for a newbie on your big day…what a great idea :slight_smile:


Well, I have already had the self centered birthday. On Feb 15 next year it will be 2 years. I will be ready to get out of myself. I will still eat icecream and have fun but I will be looking for a probie.


I wanna find my sober twin too…would be so cool…haven’t had any luck yet.