Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Thank you :heart:


Just so you’re aware, theres a different section you should be posting in while you’re using. Its the seeking help section.


Twin where are you, Christmas day 11pm Dec 2016…feels like a lifetime


Lol, if it were this year, it’d be Mother’s Day in the US.


I think my sobriety has been a good gift for my mother :smiley:


Clos!! I am 3/16/2017. :heart:


I know I have one on here but I forget who.



3/26/18 :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


12/14/17 @Uniek I think we’re twins or just a day off


March 24 2018 i d k if i post this rte


3/23/18 !!!


Ive got December 12 2017. Close!!


Oh so close!! If no one claims me I’m tagging along with you


December 24 2017


1/21/18. I think @CaptAZ and I are sober twins


@Gabe.G and I are totally twins. I don’t remember the date, though. :joy:
Edit: March 7, 2017


Thank you!!!


I’m 1/20/18 but it’s close enough!


I’m never sure how to count the day, I had my last drink on 1/20 but my first full day being sober was 1/21


Sherri, we are twins :wink: April 7th 2018