Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Mine is 3/16/18!!! Cool!!!


Think your my closest twin yet Dec 25 2016😁


Just a day off @Rosey. My date is 14 december. Nearly twins :kiss: But we are doing great!! :love_you_gesture:


He sober twin @oferta! You are my real sober twin aren’t you? Doing ok? :kiss:


Hi :slight_smile: so nice that you remembered me :hugs: I am doing ok, still sober and soooo busy with life :tired_face:a lot of work and need to plan holidays to Portugal :slight_smile: how are you? :slight_smile:


9th December 2017. Are you out there?


I’m fine too :grin: Offcorse I remember my sober twin! Don’t you dare telling me that you forgot about me! :joy::slight_smile:️ Portugal is really nice! I have been there for 3 weeks ages ago. Hired a car and seen a lot, beautiful country! When are you going? Be prepared on the heat in the summer! It is really hot day and night!


There’s two that are either your day or one off of yours. I can only remember one of them at this time (because they posted just a day ago). @Finallyclarity


My last drink was 11pm on NYE 2017.


Mine is 1/2/18!


3/23/18! Is also my date


Hello there twin!


Hello Twin!


February 25, 2018❤


It says that section is private. How do I get into it in case I need it in the future? I found the link on your stats page but can’t find it anywhere else and it didn’t let me into it.



Never mind I got it and was able to join, thank you



Yep. I’m claiming you! :hugs::laughing:


Yeah! Does it have to be the same year? I think not! Sober twin!


In the beginning of june :slight_smile: oh I know about heat :sunglasses: been there few years ago :slight_smile: I am actually going to Madeira just few days in Lisbon :slight_smile: cant wait for it :cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses:


My date Is December 14 as well…lol we ARE twins!