Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Noooo!!! We are triplets! @oferta there are 3 of us!!:purple_heart::orange_heart::black_heart:




Yay! We’ll count the days together then.




The elusive triplets. If this were animal planet there would be a British narrator whispering about finding three of you together.


Anyone 4/4/18!? I want a sober twin!! Hehe


:joy::rofl::joy: you made me laugh :laughing:


May 23 2017!!
Where you hiding at?!
I have seen a couple of people real close to my date on these forums. Cant remenber who they were tho!
May 23 i will not forget that day. I had an interview at my current job and had to reschedule because i failed my interlock. Nothing is more scary than hearing that beep and seeing the big fat red X on the little screen.
For as hard as i was drinking only having one fail is pretty fuckin impressive.


20th of april 2017!


Do you ever wonder if it’s the UK version of animal planet the use say a southern draw from the states for dramatic effect.


Lol! Earthlings.


6/19/17. First full day clean. 6/17 was my last drink, 6/18 was the last time I took a benzo that wasn’t part of my detox. I went to the hospital at 11 that morning and my detox started later that day. But the 19th is the day I count from.


Interesting. I count mine from the moment of my last drink. Like, i didnt count my birthday as my first full day alive. 2-15-17 somewhere between 9 and 10 am I woke up still drink and polished off the last 5 or so shots remaining in my fifth. I didn’t start getting sick until that evening but I still count that day. I made a choice. I got food for my kid and went to an AA meeting for the first time in a long time. That day sucked because of all the anticipation of what I new was coming. Mostly I count it from there because it was easier to figure out than my first sober day. When exactly was I sober? When my BAC got to 0? When I wasnt shaking and puking anymore and my mind was somewhat functional? Variables like that make it too hard for me. Last drink started my countdown because I was anxious about my choice from that moment forward for a very long time.

Way to go on your time regardless of when your clock started! Got plans for your year?


I was so confused about how to count my days I just kinda went with the 19th. I was on a Librium taper for 18 days but I still count them as sober days because I fucking earned them! There was no way to safely do it without. Then when I went back to the hospital and actually got admitted on July 10th they put me on another 2 day stabilization benzo regiment. It’s all confusing. So when I started my IOP I didn’t know what date to say at check in so I just went with it. I have a counter from my last Xanax and my last drink though. 5 pm the 17th for my last drink, 10 am the 18th last Xanax. Haha, so I’ll take a Sober twin for any of those days!

I don’t have any plans for my year. Haha, if I was still drinking it would be three days of madness! You know how we roll. I still struggle with the automatic thought process. Yesterday was the hardest day at work of the whole year (it always is) and I had to fight off that stupid voice in my head telling me that having a drink was the ONLY way to finish the day. Not that I came anywhere near actually drinking, I at least have a good grasp on ignoring those thoughts.


Other than my AA celebration I had a froyo get together and there is a kill thread on here for a virtual party. It hardly got killed, but thats ok. I enjoyed including my peeps on here in any way.

Yeah, my my early sobriety looked like that then I think I might have just thrown a dart at a calendar in the correct month and just rolled with it. :joy:


Yeah, I was all like that too. Haha, I kept asking people, “what day, what day?” Everyone was like, “dude, whatever day. The taper doesn’t count as using, you struggled every second.” I felt like I needed some kind of validation or some shit. God those days were awful! So glad I at least got confidence in sobriety now.

I saw the thread about your one year party. I thought it was cool as hell! I should plan something like that.


August 15 2018 :muscle:


1st January 2017


September 30, 2017


we’re twins