Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


4/21? Yay! We’re actually triplets with @DryIn785 Let’s count the sober days together!


Hahaha, some people can’t find one and this is the second time you’ve been a triplet! Awesome!


let’s do it!!! yup 4/21!! keep each other accountable!


So close…oh man…Feb 20 /17…


We are so close!! You’re 2 days ahead, but your day is better…because that’s my birthday!


Yay! I’m going to just count us as twins! I haven’t yet to see anyone close. ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆


Twinning!! Congrats on 60!! :heart: :tada:


@Ninetales @mlw Sounds great to me! Let’s get our sober on!:sunglasses:


May 25th 2017.


Sober month twin too, you’re close to @Donut89

Nearly a year so I have to plan my celebration. I’m thinking Pizza :pizza:


Wow were so close!


November 5th 2016


According to my journal


Still looking for my sober twin. March 18th 2018


Close…March 16 2017. :sun_with_face:


Almost…ur the closest to me I’ve seen on here yet, march 12th 2018


Looking for my sober twin out there… April 17, 2018.


Omg, I didn’t think I would actually find a sobriety twin!! My date is also 12/12/17. Greetings!


Awe! Mike seeking hope- have you found Hope?
Where do you live?


So much hope! Much of it found here and in my 12 step program. Some from my therapist and friends as well.

I live in Minnesota. It was 55 and sunny yesterday so naturally I enjoyed it in shorts and a t-shirt. Suns out guns out!

Where do you hail from?