Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


I’m in seattle. Sunny Spring here too.

I never knew how much better life is without booze and drugs. I’m so grateful.


4/15/18 pretty close :blush:


March 7 2018 for me


So close! That’s probably the day I started my last binge! Should have quit earlier! :smile:


Twinning! Keep up the good work!


My first day drink free was March 10, 2018. We’re all close!


Shouldn’t we have all lol


@anon34614660 you still rocking it? We are accountabilibuddies.


Cool! My wife and I are talking about picking up and moving to Seattle. We’ll see what happens!

When people ask me what it’s like to finally be sober I tell them it feels like the sun is shining on my face for the first time in as long as I can remember.


March 20,2018
Hiking not to have to change again. Resetting sucks lol. Ok twin, come to me!!


We’re two days apart


My twin! I’ve found you :blush:


Yes !!! Been waiting for you?


Awww sorry to have kept you waiting lol


And It was actually my birthday. My gift to myself, get clean.


Aww that’s sweet. I have a friend born the same day. I didn’t even realize my sober date until I just checked it. Part of me still holds on to the original date I stopped.


I got so excited when I looked at my notifications and it wad this thread and was like Hot Damn, I finally got a twin !


Don’t worry, did you have a reset?


Yup… Dumb 10 characters


We have 10 character fillers. Csunfurrys, buttnugget, fluffycats, earthlings are all popular ones, but feel free to add your own