Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


@Rayn I’m excited for you. I know you’ve been looking. You have an accountabilibuddy now!


Thanks, I didn’t like the first options too much, but earthlings might work for me lol


You missed a long, protracted thread about coming up with those words lol.


Oh, and @Yoda-Stevie uses getoffmylawn.


beams I thought of that one.


More than ten letters but fitting for our father figure. I’m sure he’s proud of all us rugrats


I know, it didn’t meet the criteria. But he still uses it and some other people do. It is now understood to mean the same thing.


He’s old (kidding Yoda) so he can use whatever word he wants


Fluffycats :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Meow csunfurrys.


Your name is ten letters as well…


Side note. When I typed meow, buttnugget came up on my auto fill… What the hell have I been doing…


We must brain storm some more cool ones soon.


LMAO fluufycats


The whole idea in the beginning was to come up with one universal word. Imo, there are already too many.

And I vote csunfurys to be removed from the roster.


Shocker there…

I’m pretty sure there was even a poll involved at one point. I seem to remember that buttnugget was the clear cut winner.


Yes it was Buttnugget


Yeah, but @Robin and Chad pointed out that probies wouldn’t get it and could be offended. It was decided that the more crass words were for the lounge, which we aren’t in. And this is taking my sober twin thread off topic. fakes that whole adult, stern look adults give children


I do remember. I think everyone just got carried away, You guys will have to reign us in


Yep now I remember that too. What about earthlings? That’s not a harsh word that may offend and probably they will get a laugh out of the explanation.