Sober Twin, Where Art Thou?


Yes, that is why I use it not in the lounge. That, and I thought of it. :grin: It can’t possibly be offensive unless you are not on earth. And fuck you if you aren’t. Sad as it is, I have had to expand the kinds of sobriety I care about about 4 different ways since I started hanging out with you guys. I’m sorry. If you are a Martian with a sober problem, idgaf.


Oh and buttnugget is offensive. I’m sure half of us feel like we are from another planet

reciprocating stern face


I know it is, which is why Roben 86ed it. Cursing is allowed. Name calling isn’t. He was concerned that people might think we were calling them a buttnugget.


Justification. I’m gonna use that now…


Cool, fun fact! Thanks for that. I can now use my own name!!! :smile:


Yup,I recall this…which is why I said most of the early options didn’t meet my fancy lol


Wait…I’m 4/21/2018, too!! Quads!!


I’m in Seattle too!


My sober start date is/was 5/6/18, 1:00 A.M. EST.


I’m April 15, 2018 too! Happy day 30 tomorrow! Let’s do this!


This makes me so happy!! 30 days tomorrow! :hibiscus::blush::blossom: We got this.


Hey Lionfish. Did you make it to 30 days? (I bet you did.) So did I! Feeling great and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow! Woohoo!


Yes :blush: congrats to us :hibiscus:


Nice 30 days, guys!


Thank you!!

Also, I just read your story yesterday, thank you so much for sharing :heart:️ you are quite the go getter! I feel like your story really shows how someone can be a functioning alcoholic and still how much it can control you at the same time… If that makes sense lol

quick question that kinda relates to drinking and highlights lol can I DM you?


Of course :blush:.


5-16-18 anybody else … ? :eyes:


Looking for my twin…January tenth 2018


My first attempt was August 12, 2017.

But currently, and hopefully permanently it is June 7, 2018!


Me :disappointed: yesterday I relapse. I been punishing my self the whole day. But ready to date over ! So today is my new day 1