Sober wedding

Im attending a wedding and last night we sat with guests had food and drinks flowing, I was observing others drinking and it hit me how they drank a cup slowly, their eyes never glazed over and there was water drank after. Only one person was refilling through the night. I wanted to bust out in tears, for many reasons. But upon awakening this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed with a clear positive mindset, I feel even stronger in my sobriety, ready to take on day 28! Live strong, one love to all.


Congratulations! Events like weddings are bug drinking events and that you came out sober, as well as being observant of what others did, is amazing! Well done :blush:


The first time I went out where people were drinking was after 30 days sober. I also found how the majority of people drink to be not like me at all. They were sipping and talking and laughing not really focused on there drink. I thought about me and chugging my drinks and having shooters in my pocket to drink in the bathroom alone. Red eyed, slured words making no since. Definitely not good. Its great to see that and noticed we had a problem when at the time we were doing it, it was fine and dandy. Congrats on staying sober at the party and observing others drinking. I am sure it helped you grow.