Sober without god. An atheist / agnostic thread. Please be respectful!

:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: Exactly! Do and believe what makes you happy but please be respectful to those who do not believe in god or the higher power.


I’m def not one of those people who barks and bites when others offer prayer in their religion - I love it! If something makes you feel powerful and loved and want to show love, go for it! I take it as an honor that someone cares. :slight_smile: it’s just not for me as a whole. I think I started having questions before I even quit being a Catholic schoolgirl in 2nd grade haha. I was soooo confused! I would question dinosaurs and humans timelines constantly lmao. Thank goodness for my Nana who had the patience to guide me when she didn’t know either. :laughing:


I grew up in a very very very religious household and so I have a lot of religious trauma from that to the point of have some triggers from religion. I think whatever makes you happy do it and that goes for religion as well. I won’t knock what you believe but I would love that same respect back you know?


You may find something helpful here:



Getting this back on topic. There are a lot of people here, that are athiest. If the conversation starts getting off topic, feel free to let the moderators know and we can move the comments to the derailment thread.


Not sure what you have around you for groups. I am moving on from AA, as a way to strengthen my sobriety. I googled groups, and was amazed at what I found outside of AA. I have not started going to any of them, if I come across any that might work for an athiest, I will gladly pass along.


Thank you, I really believe that the OP was just looking to connect to fellow atheists and start a support system there. No need for any debates :relaxed: Just respect for others and their ways of sobriety


Just tag us if it becomes a debate. Everyone is entitled to their space!


You are appreciated and will do!


I’m an atheist but it doesn’t define my sobriety, other than the fact that I don’t believe in God.

I know there are many atheists in AA because this conversation has happened more than once on the forum (use the search bar :mag: you’ll see!). Which is why plenty of AA people will comment about their experience of AA as an atheist. Its works for them and that’s awesome. It’s not for everyone though and that’s cool too.

I didn’t use any specific program to get sober. This forum has been my resource and for me it’s been enough to spark the changes in lifestyle to keep me sober so far. I tried Recovery Dharma meetings for a bit but the structure etc wasn’t quite what I was looking for. For those who do want a program there are loads of options outside of AA (see Resources for our recovery).

I find comfort and sense in Buddhist teachings, which is non-theist. I’m not committed enough to it as a practice to call myself Buddhist, but the principles resonate. Lots of parallels to modern psychotherapy. And to be honest, the underlying principles of AA as I understand them. Acceptance, humility, compassion, connection.

My mindset and approach to life has definitely shifted in my sobriety. Mental health has been an issue for me and coming to terms with that and being sober, it has helped to look at things differently. My philosophical approach is definitely softer and more open. Maybe spiritual, depending on how you define the word. I see it as a willingness to connect to myself and the world around me in a different way.

So yea, I don’t know that I’m particularly proud of my atheism… I mean I just don’t believe in a religious God :woman_shrugging: I’m pretty proud of my sobriety though! And grateful to all the people on this forum with all their backgrounds and approached that have helped me get this far.

It sucks that you’ve not felt accepted for your beliefs in your community. But rest assured it doesn’t matter here, not one little bit :relaxed:


@emi that’s pretty cool, I’m gonna read into it more, my ex girlfriend was pagan, so we had an altar in our home and she did all kinds of rituals and ceremonies and such, not for me but Yano. I liked the trips to graveyards and all.

On Topic

When I first got sober, I was asked about religions or spiritual things what have you, I said nope, then it turned to how anything can be a higher power. Ok fine
I moved into a sober house and they were all cramming down my throat that my near misses and my Almost dead experiences were not odd it’s god. Well maybe I have a Golden Horseshoe nailed to my Ass I don’t know.

But I grew up strict catholic, and when I started questioning things because it made no sense. It became a nightmare. Last year because of a few friends I tried the religion path again based on different perspectives, I wasn’t digging it. I even went to CR meetings, I liked the talk the rest of it I didn’t feel not one bit,

I’m a very scientific believer, most things can be proved by science. I don’t buy into blind faith, magic healing crystals, things like that,

When I did go to meetings cause they were mandatory I got alot of spiel about my lack of faith would not keep me sober. However I’m
Still sober.


I have made it pretty clear over my years here that I do not attend AA (tho I support people’s right to do so) and I am spiritual, Buddhist leaning. I have been sober for 5 years. I am very supportive of alternative systems for achieving sobriety. Happy to raise my hand in support of the OP. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course. You want a community with like minded people and that is more than okay. To have a community where you feel comfortable with what is being said is really important in my opinion. I will say that I have been kind of put off by some people on this forum and it’s disappointing how being an atheist and wanting a safe space is such an issue. I am happy you started this thread and I wish the same respect we give could be given back instead of being challenged or questioned. I am going to take a break from this forum but I am happy you have connected to other people who share your views. You are important and so is your sobriety. Always rooting for you :black_heart:


I am sorry you are feeling disappointed in the community support for atheists. I have certainly found times over my years here when I felt like an outlier. I also took some time, here and there, away from the forum, and found it healing. I hope you have a similar experience and will be confident about returning. It always helps me to remember that our community is made up of people from all over the world with a variety of beliefs, religions, languages, customs, nationalities, ages/generations, experiences, etc…truly, we are a global community. :heart: We are also at differing stages of recovery and have been a member here over differing periods of time. The forum itself has 10s of thousands of members…many of whom read only and do not comment…so we do only get a small splice of opinions…not everyone is comfortable voicing theirs. We are ever growing and changing and I have seen a lot of positive healing changes over the years. :heart: In any event, I do hope you will be back soon, if that is your desire. Be well!! :butterfly:


Thank you, I appreciate that :black_heart::black_heart:

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Edit, meant to reply to you @Compen!

I think there is a difference between being an atheist and not being in AA. For some people they are the same but not for others. So it can be confusing and different people read into what is being asked for differently.

Reading through all the responses I can see that everyone is trying to offer support in their own way. For some atheists AA has saved them and I can understand them wanting to offer their perspective on how they have navigated their participation in the program. I don’t think it’s usually intended as AA being the only way, although I also recognise that some people feel that is what is happening.

My main take from the conversation is always about how many options there are available to us regardless of our beliefs which is pretty cool. Of course just because I am an atheist, it doesn’t mean my approach to sobriety will be the same as yours or anyone elses! We all have to find what works for us and fortunately we are spoilt for choice :relaxed:

I prefer a more non structured approach to life so sobriety programs don’t really click for me. Although when I was in a really low place with my mental health, having Recovery Dharma meetings to attend on zoom was helpful, to process some of the raw feelings I was feeling. I’m not sure that I didn’t try AA because of my atheism, more that I am interested in Buddhist philosophy and that’s what RD is based on.

A big part of Buddhism is the idea that our true selves are already there, waiting to be uncovered. Rather than there being an external/ higher power for us to rely on. On the other hand, there are lots of ideas about being interconnected with the world around us, so it’s not entirely internal either.

Interesting stuff!

I missed this thread when it was first created but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m also atheist. At the same time, I think other people should be able to believe in whatever they want :slightly_smiling_face:


So just stay on topic here I really actually like the main topic of this thread because one thing that I have always felt as an atheist who attends Christian churches regularly (few overt biases anymore) is that the only thing the atheist Community is really lacking is unity and with that the common use of individual resources to further the individual’s in the communities success! I’ve spoken many times to my wife (overt athiest with biases towards all religions) about this because one of the reasons why I attend church is so I am in the know of things like community clothing drives and volunteer opportunities. If there was an atheist meeting group that met those tenants I likely would not really attend the church that I largely see is entirely mythological and folklore (although there is free coffee there and I’m a cheap date lol).

Also to everyone else reading this please understand that this is in no way any attack on your beliefs. it is just an attempt for people with common interests to connect and perhaps even find a new way towards to the only thing that matters to us which is sobriety!

And to all of us fellow atheists, let’s please not feel attacked when other people are really just trying to help us understand their experiences and their successes with how they understand what a higher power or the idea of God might be.

Ultimately for the continuity of the thread though as the title dictates it’s not really intended to be a debate.

Much love all.


Let’s keep this topic on topic. It was a thread looking for fellow athiests.


I apologize for debating. I’d like to just be here too