Sober without god. An atheist / agnostic thread. Please be respectful!

Right on. I’m not big on labels myself and, personally, waver quite a bit on my views. If I had to put a label on myself if would be anti-religion/humanist, most likely. I know others are staunch in their personal perspectives and comfortable with labeling themselves as atheist, agnostic, satanist, etc., and I respect that.

Science is welcome here, always. Hope you find a place here that fits for you, if you wish.


Humanistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

One approach simply states that everyone has free will.
We can choose our actions and our behaviors. While nature certainly plays a major role in life, our ability to nurture one another can be life-changing, truly, truly life-changing. Find the uniqueness in each individual around you and show them it’s greatness
One of your greatest gifts as a human being is that you have all the ability in the world to be a person in their life that tells them that their Real Self is enough and great and worthy of love…
Love can break barrier’s that keep us in a seemingly never ending ball of turmoil.
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I really like that! Thank you for sharing!


agnosticism=I don’t know, go figure it out for yourself and for your Life. :alien: :hatching_chick:
This word(agnostic) best describes my stance.
Though certain subject matter comes with different experiences that I may or may not still be gaining knowledge in or about.
Or lets say I remain open minded.

If I don’t MIND it don’t matter.
This is a good principle to get sober on.
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Figure 2.12: The ∆++ in the quark model.
Once we have three flavours of quarks, we can ask the question whether more flavours exists. At the
moment we know of three generations of quarks, corresponding to three generations (pairs). These give
rise to SU(4), SU(5), SU(6) flavour symmetries. Since the quarks get heavier and heavier, the symmetries
get more-and-more broken as we add flavours.
Quark label spin Q/e mass (GEV/c2)
Colour symmetry
So why don’t we see fractional charges in nature? If quarks are fermions– spin 1/2 particles– what about
antisymmetry? Investigate the ∆++, which consists of three u quarks with identical spin and flavour and
symmetric spatial wavefunction,
ψtotal = ψspace × ψspin × ψflavour.
This would be symmetric under interchange, which is unacceptable. Assume that there is an additional
quantity called colour, and take the colour wave function to be antisymmetric:
ψtotal = ψspace × ψspin × ψflavour ×

Knowing this sets me into a meditative PEACE and ALL is well.

I was reflecting today on a recent session I had with my therapist and I thought of your post here, about this insight you reached about your relationship with yourself. I am walking what feels like a similar path. Not exactly the same, but a similar feel.

I don’t think I ever developed a conscious attention to self-care when I was younger. I had a safe home and a good school and I always had food to eat and a place to sleep - which I am grateful for :innocent: - but looking back, I think I didn’t go deeper, into the self that was living in that home, attending that school, eating those meals. It’s like I was going through the motions without caring for who I was, without caring for the person who was living that life, making those choices; without taking time to see that person and listen to his voice: the voice that comes to us at a level below language and thought; the voice that comes to us in our gut, our feelings, our raw emotion (pain, pleasure, hope, fear, …).

My therapist gave me a couple of exercises to do for grounding myself and taking time to be with myself: some simple body scanning exercises, and also a visualization exercise that we practiced in the last session, using an EMDR technique (very cool how it worked; it’s not recommended to do EMDR on your own at home but if your therapist has some training in it, it can be an eye-opening experience). (The visualization is a campsite, which is my calm place: the lake, the sound of the water hitting the shore, the sound of the breeze in the trees, the smell of evergreen trees, the firewood stacked for cooking the delicious meal we’ll enjoy tonight. That visual was combined with some eye movements my therapist worked through with me in the session. I don’t do the eye movements at home, but the visual I keep as a calming image and feeling.)

I remember looking at my therapist and saying, “It can’t be this simple. There has to be more.” Of course, the fruits of this calming, centring work (which includes a deeper, everyday sense of calm and presence) come from daily practice - ODAAT, am I right? :innocent: - so it takes effort but it’s not complicated to be there for myself, to attend to myself.

It’s simple. It’s not always easy, but it is simple.

It’s weird. It’s been an up-and-down journey getting here but I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to learn, from the people around me and from the people on TS, about this journey: where and who I was, and where I am now, and where I can go (and who I can become) next.


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