Sobriety and working out

Happy fucking new year!!! So here is to my first (knock on wood) sober full year to come. I have found working out gives me more strength to stay sober then I knew it could. It helps with stress and some other things I cant talk about here. I am training for my first OCR race April 4th and 5th. Holy moly that’s coming quick! So I have upped my work out and am going to put in more days. Anyone else do OCR races? What’s your work out like?

Mine is all in gym right now as we have snow. But this is some of what I do. There are some upper body things I did not list.
Dip. 30/115. Oblique crunch 30
-chin-up 30/115. Star crunch
-pull-up 30/115. Scissor kicks 2/25
-ab crunch 100/10. Leg drop 2/25
-Glute kick 30/85 each L/R leg. Penguin crunch
-hip abd/add 30/110. Bear crawl
Elliptical 10 to 15 mins. Burpecs.
Stairs. 20 mins level 3. Russian twist 2/30/4lbs
30 min circuit
Hope everyone had a sober new year’s and good luck in the upcoming year!!