Sobriety & Connection

Hello everyone
Yesterday, I joined this Zoom meeting hosted by a member of this app. and…
Ever since I moved from the Czech republic to the UK I have become quite lonely and alcohol was my way of connection with other people. But since I stopped drinking, I am alone and all I have here in the UK is my boyfriend. I persuaded myself that I don’t need connection with other people and I learnt how to settle here on my own, without my old friends and family. I am not the kind of person who would be dependent on the boyfriend. We both have different hobbies, which is perfectly fine with me.
I have to say, that although I didn’t interact much in the conversation, yesterday, even a little talk and connection between the group of people who are on the same way, made me feel very nice! It reminded me of how absolutely beautiful it is to be a part of something. And that made me think…
About how everyone who connects to this app would probably never connect if we didn’t suffer from the same thing - addiction. So now I can say that despite all the bad things that alcohol has brought into my life, there is at least one good thing, too - I have a choice and I am not alone in path I have chosen :heart::pray:t2:
Love you all, people.


What a nice post. Very thoughtful.


Morning @Jana1988. I love in the UK. I don’t know where about a you are but I’d be happy to chat sometime as were at least on the same time zone! :grin:

I moved to a new area just after Xmas so I have zero friends locally and when my husband works away for half the week I get very lonely with only a toddler for company. So I totally feel you! Although I can’t imagine how much harder it must be in a foreign country.

Sending hugs xx