Sobriety ia super hard alone

I’m here to take in people who want to talk and are here for mental support.


Welcome.byes I agree it’s hard but can get easier. Just need to read about the issue of alcohol use disorder and apply whatever tools you need to stay sober.

I’m no expert but I’m learning every day :slightly_smiling_face:

90 days today. Just woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed and a little afraid of life. Not like me. Hoping my day gets better. This too shall pass…


You’re right ,Jim! This too shall pass! I was there too, having the same experience at my 90 day mark. You’ve used the exact words I would’ve used to describe my feelings at that point. Just get through, one day at a time. focus on all the positives that make up your life now you’re sober; be kind to yourself and recognise what an amazing, loving gift you’re giving yourself in sobriety, you are worth it and you deserve it. An attitude of gratitude helps. Helps me through the tough days. 90 days is SO great! Be proud, and know you CAN do this, because you’re doing it! :blush::muscle: sober life = our best life :raised_hands:

Nobody makes it alone, hope you stick around :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

I know, after relapsing for the I don’t know how many times… I live on my own with my cat and my family doesn’t know how to act and doesn’t understand my illness so they can not be very supportive, but I do have a boyfriend who understands me and supports me whenever he can, but he’s locked up, luckily he gets out in a few days… it ain’t easy but at the end of the day I’m the only one who has to clean my own shit up and make this journey going on by not giving up today…

Maybe try a meeting they will make it easier to stay sober wish you well