Soccer saved my life!


I keep hearing that service is important in recovery. When I decided to quit drinking I was also about to take on coaching a 4 and 5 year olds soccer team. My daughter is on the team, and really doesn’t like it but we have to finish the season. Anyway, I have been practicing with them 2 days a week after work and playing a game every weekend and hour from where we live and I have found it exhausting but so rewarding. I never really thought much about volunteering but I do know that the kids and parents love it and it has given me something to do other than drink. I fell so blessed to have fallen into it. It’s almost the end of the season and now I need to find a new project, any ideas?


Maybe go to meetings get involved in 12step work helping others wish you well


Years ago my psychiatrist told me that I would benefit tremendously from volunteerism. But my disease kept me in the Darkness, kept me alway socially isolated me. That’s where the disease wants you it’s all for itself. So kudos to you for that. My only thought on what you had shared is that do you need another project, how about yourself as a project, doing some self-love and self-care. They say that recovery is an inside job, I believe that. Because if we don’t turn ourselves in ward, and examine deficiencies, our shortcomings, the patterns of thought and our behaviors that got us to this point in the first place, then to me will be stuck in sobriety versus moving forward in recovery. So my thought is that you’d be the best project for yourself?


Weight lifting! It’s what I do… cant be hung over with 200 pounds over your face. Gotta focus and it’s a daily thing you have to commit to because if you once a month theres no gainz.


I agree with @Shinhiryuu Exercise is the one for me! I love running. It’s the only time I feel free. Just me and music and running outdoors. I forget everything in those moments.


Have you thought about joining a soccer league yourself? Thats what I did. Pickup league, so nothing too serious, but still competitive. Few games per week, and as long as there isn’t snow on the ground, we’d play.

Lines up w/ what others are suggesting – lifting, running, etc. A strict physical fitness regimen is what saved me, could do it for you as well.

Try different things until you find what you love.

Best of luck!


You’ve found direction and purpose. Does your area do Indoor Soccer? Have you thought about mastering something yourself, like bowling, ballroom dance, or a martial art? Even better if you can do something with your daughter too. My wife and daughter do archery together. My wife plays violin and my daughter the guitar, and they will jam together sometimes. My daughter and I go to the range, and I train her in marksmanship. I also train her in boxing.

I know what the path of mastering something has done for me. I am a dedicated student of martial arts. Musashi wrote by mastering one thing, you learn the secret of mastering all things. You learn self-discipline.