Some Positivity, because we need it ❤


The power of positive thinking :pray::muscle:



I live by this one! I used to be so sad and focused on my illness all the time. One day I heard something similar to that and my whole life changed. I know my limitations but it doesn’t define me as a person at all, I am SOOO much more than my fibro and I instead choose to focus on all the amazing things that I have been lucky enough to have in my life and they just keep coming! :slight_smile:


Same here with my skin condition. I either can lay in bed all the day in a dark room and drink myself to death or I focus on healing and the good things about me.


Yes!!! I had to track everything for a while when I was being diagnosed. That’s when I felt the worst too-I couldn’t even hold pens, couldn’t type, I could barely walk up the stairs, I was exhaused and my pain was EVERYWHERE- it bounced all around. I had to log my food and fluid intake too. Search for triggers, there are a lot! After I was diagnosed, they wanted to stick me on meds. I said no thanks, now that I know what I’m fighting I’m good. She was legit shocked and tried to give me lyrica or gabapentin. I did take the muscle relaxers for the really bad days when I overdo it and a 30 day supply lasted me 3 years, lol. But I’ve never felt that bad again since I changed my mindset! :slight_smile:


Unless you’re depressed and don’t get help. But that’s not positive, and this is a positivity thread, so… Let’s see…
“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” - Jimmy Dean


Fate whispers to the warrior
“You cannot withstand the storm“

And the warrior whispers back
“I am the storm“


The old bearded warrior approves of this message


Awesome, made me grin wickedly. Going to keep that one!


never gets old :slight_smile:


Great post. Thanks for the inspiration!


Love this, Thank you for the inspiration girl!(: congrats on your sobriety. Stay strong and beautiful! :heart::heart::heart:


Yes girl! This is true!




Yup :green_heart:






Yes!!! @Lionfish, this one is great!