Some things I've learned. Do you have any to share?

The cravings are diminishing. I learned a trick. A trigger, say walking past a liquor store, will trigger a thought or an urge, but the thought will only last a few minutes if I don’t engage it, if I don’t grab on to it and think about it. I can tag it as a thought with a feeling and let it go, and it will dissolve like a dream. The bigger deal I make of it, the bigger it will be.

Another thing I’ve learned, resentment is poison. It does no good to let myself feel singled out and deprived. Those thoughts do not serve me. Let those thoughts go, they are only thoughts, made up of the same thing dreams are made of.


100% agree, resentment and hate only hurt us and hold us back to moving forward and finding happiness.


And I’ve learned, don’t kid yourself and keep alcohol in the house thinking you won’t drink it :pensive:


Of course the biggest thing I’ve learned is, I can’t do it alone.