Something fun to do sober

Something fun to do sober…. I’ve always loved concerts. But since I’ve gotten sober and even before, they are the biggest Drunkfests ever. Not only is there tons of drinking but there’s some people you can tell just get totally obnoxious. But last night I went and saw the Grateful Dead in a movie theater. This is like the fourth different concert I’ve seen in the movie theater and I think it’s going to be happening a lot more. Imagine instead of spending long lines of people that are drunk and obnoxious just walking into a movie theater sitting down in a recliner with some popcorn and see in the band up close with great sound! Just a suggestion


Yes, I was watching the documentary Box of Rain and it reminded me of shows and days gone by. Not big drunk fests, but I went to plenty of other shows that were drunk fests. All you have to do is watch that last Woodstock 99 documentary to remind you of a place you never want to be again. Ugh.


All of the Grateful Dead concerts I saw in the 80s and 90s were actually wonderful crowds. In fact I don’t really recall people drinking very heavily at all. But man oh man, I’ve seen Jimmy Buffett about five times and during the middle of the concert people being wheeled out….


Yeah, Dead shows were never about drinking.

Buffett, another story altogether from stories from my friends. I only ever saw him at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. That isn’t a big drinking scene either…unless you want it to be.

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I saw him there too! Maybe we were both there. I absolutely loved Jazz Fest in New Orleans. My favorite festival ever. Like you said, not a big drinking crowd although it was available but nothing like the French quarter. And the food! They had like 10 different tents going with different bands sometimes I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to go to. Memphis in May was another good one.

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I have never done the Memphis one. Yes, we adore Jazz Fest! Our last one was the 50th in 2019. Have you seen the documentary on Jazz Fest? It is so fun to watch…especially seeking yourself in the crowd.

Before that it was ages ago we went…a couple in late 90s and then more in early 2000s. I was drinking / drugs then, so a different experience for sure.

I love the food!!! Oyster po boy!!! Shrimp etoufee!

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And yeah, we would jump from stage to stage. It was often the small stages or tents where we found the most magic music.

I love étouffée! And Boudin. It was so spread out and no lines…… Yeah I was parting then too!

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Actually one of my favorites was the Dixieland jazz bands where everyone would walk in a line with umbrellas and such

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Oh yeah, those are so cool. Fun to watch.