Something nice about YOU!



I resisted as long as possible.

I am absolutely perfect.


(This is shockingly hard. Everything I think of has a way to be discounted or contradicted. Ugh.)

Here’s one: I’m curious. I know lots of random things because I engage in the world and wonder how and why. I like that about myself.


Smh, I’ve been waiting…


Now that would be hard to come up with…


I’m kinda surprised I made it this long…


For real, I don’t know how you did it.


Me too!!
Good job restraining yourself :joy::joy:

I am all out of likes again already damn it.


I let my ego play here so I can shove that shit away when I work my program


Hey, whatever works.


I’m definitely going to have to work on this. It shouldn’t be this hard to come up with something nice to say about yourself.


I’m good at making cute kids. This next one better not screw it up!


You run fast lol. I’m coming for ya though



i am goat.


I mean you see I haven’t posted :joy:
I started the thread but have no response.


Come on guys, you have to love yourself! I mean, maybe not to the point D is at…lol! I know it’s a hell of a process. But know I find some pretty amazing things about each of you, even if you can’t yet! :slight_smile:


I am a survivor I can say that much.
Anything life has thrown at me I have overcome.


I am going to make a difference.


Hey! Ahh who am I kidding, you’re right.


I am caring, kind and compassionate. I try hard and am ambitious. I like to help others.


I like to think I’m confident rather than cocky. I don’t think I’m better than people, I just think I am awesome. Other people can be awesome too if they’d like.