Something nice about YOU!



I agree with you, that’s why I like you. And you make me laugh often haha


Yeah, I guess I run fast comparable to some. Then theres the guys I’ve run with in the past who laugh if you can’t do a 15 minute 5k. Definitely not me.


I am a survivor. Thanks @Jessi.lynn. I’ve survived anorexia/bulimia, ovarian cancer, physical and sexual assaults, rape, etc. Maybe I can survive alcohol too.


You’re not only going to survive it, you’re going to thrive!


Well they better get ready to laugh at me


Humor is good for recovery. Releases endorphins. We actually had humor group in rehab.


Thanks. My mom said something that really resonated with me over the weekend. She said that I would never consider not complying with my medication regimen because it keeps me alive. Which is 100% true. But it took me years of nonconpliance before “it clicked.” Same with alcohol. And somehow, that helped this to “click.” I feel a sense of peace and understanding that I haven’t in a long time.


Liberating huh? That’s when it clicked for me too and I actually got sober


Yeah I’ve been thinking about it since she said it Saturday morning. I wouldn’t miss my meds on a bet. That’s my sanity. So why the fuck would I drink alcohol? It’s like throwing my medicine in the trash. How did I not see that before? I feel so much freer now.


I am kind and funny. I’m a good friend.

I really like this thread!


Let me add that you’re a brave fighter too! Whatever hits you, you stand back up :+1::muscle: Huge respect :kissing_heart:


Life would be a sad place without humor


I have survived cancer twice, physical, sexual and mental abuse. Alcoholic parents. AVN hip replacement spine injections and another dead hip
I refuse to be a statistic I will be a survivor and overcome alcohol too


Yeah you fucking will and you fucking are! I think you and I have really similar stories. And thanks @Niiina. I’m out of likes again. Damn it.


I think likes should be unlimited…we should make a petition


Yea it seems like it. We will have to chat sometime :slight_smile:


I agree that we need to also need to look at our positive aspects. Focusing on negative things puts one in a negative state of mind.


& a very nice one I might add!(:


His beard was the higher power of TS for a time. We prayed to the beard.


I am: a caring and forgiving man