Something nice about YOU!



Danke schoen! Since getting sober, like everything else, it’s gotten much healthier.


I’m a bitch,
I’m a tease,
I’m a goddess on my knees…

For real though, I am magic. I am everything God wants me to be right now with basically unlimited potential when I stay sober.


I wanna be magic!!!


I so wish I still had likes. Fucking love that song!


I am strikingly handsome and impossibly charming.


I’m so awesome Chuck Norris makes jokes about me


Just couldn’t stop at the perfect comment could you :joy::joy:


Until they figure out a way to ban me from posting on this thread this is likely to continue.


Today I’m being productive😂
I have to be to work at 10 and its now 9 and I’m showered. Yesterday I didnt get out of bed until 9:20 for a 10 am shift


Well being that its my thread and I would never ban you my guess is that you dont have much to worry about :joy:


Plus the more you comment the more people will see this thread and hopefully answer something aboit their selves.


When I was using I was pretty hard on myself so I’ll be damned if I’m not going to love myself now


Except I’m out of likes again :rage:


I’m sure I will be soon. I’ve been right up against my limit for 2 days now


Me too I usually run out within an hour of being awake then I use them up as fast as I get them.
I have a long time until I hit regular status to get more likes too.


I give you 2-3 weeks before you get inducted.


Dont you have to have 100 days on here?
Oddly I’m only at 40 days. Lol it seems like so much longer :joy:


I still use all of mine lol


I’ve been a regular for almost 2 months though. Your time will come grasshopper


Haha hubby calls me grasshopper all the time :joy: