Something nice about YOU!



Has it only been that long? I could have sworn you were here longer than me!


Nope today is day 40. Lol


I am enough!


I am thoughtful, a Hopeless romantic and totally a sucker for cheesy pick up lines hahah


I’ve been avoiding this thread on purpose for days now…Not that I don’t feel like there are nice things about me…like my ass for example :wink: but it’s just that I’m really strugling with this selfesteem and pleasing and wanting acceptance bullshit…What I’m trying to do everyday is to go to the right direction…Doesn’t matter how far I get each day as long as it’s in the right direction…and the direction I want to be headed is that I will be Empathetic, friendly, kind and most of all positive. The list of what I don’t want to be is long as the great wall of china…and sometimes it’s hard to accept that I’m not perfect right now…nor will I ever be…and at the same time I understand that perfection is within every one of us and it includes all the faults etc…I have a weird evening.


I work hard when I want to. I’m great with plants, and pretty decent at trivia. I have awesome hair.


I wish I had awesome hair


Yo do have awesome hair


Thanks man.
I also just got whistled at leaving the gym so my ego is throughly boosted


Be a Jew, works wonders for lush curls :slight_smile:


I stayed strong yesterday and took care of my husband. He started having flashbacks Monday. We saw something driving home that triggered something he had forgotten from the war. Since then waves of memories flood him leaving him paralyzed. I’m sober and present to help him in anyway I can.


I’m going to start saying nice things about the person above me. @Hope0110 kicks ass at the emoji band game


Oh those are no fun. My Chris has PTSD and his flashbacks can get bad sometimes.
I remember when we were still drinking and it hit for the first time since we got together.
It was literally hell for both of us.


@Englishd has been a great inspiration and motivator for me. :pray:


You know whats crazy… When I started this I almost pot I wanted you to say something nice about yourself and the person who commented on this post last. Just didn’t figure anyone would do it.


@Twowaymirror is a beast on the bike and has one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I have ever known.


@Jessi.lynn is strong AF with her recovery


I don’t know @Passerina_cyanea however, I’m a sucker for some Jewish curly hair! My SIL is Jewish and has straight hair. It irks her. I’m going to say she’s a strong motherfucker. All the Jewish women I know are.


I just love Jewish people in general.


@Hope0110 is an amazingly strong women.
Her ability to take care of herself and her husband is inspiring