Something nice about YOU!



I always smile when I read peoples replies on here.


Pretty sure we determined he was a Taylor Swift kind of guy.


Sometimes I really try to do my best. I put my heart in it


I love to see people still post. Lets keep it up :two_hearts:


I am strong. I am determined to stay sober.


I am making my sober time extraordinary!


Proud of myself :clap::blush:


So happy this thread got resurrected.

Did I mention how incredibly good looking I am?


The sparkliest dabbing uni of them all. Lol.

Something good about me, people find me positive and like my advice as I truly try to help. Not something I was very good at before.


I’m letting my friend stay with me while work is getting done on his home. It’s been a month now. I am being nice by not bitching at him for being a bit untidy and not tidying up. I have made a few polite requests though. Trying to be nice.


It makes my morning better to see this post alive again when I am unzombified in the morning :purple_heart:


I’m overall a really swell guy!
Ok. That wasn’t really specific.:roll_eyes: Gimme a minute, I’ll think of something…:smirk:


I deserve and am worthy of love and happiness!


I am an awesome drawler and I have beautiful eyes and curvy body. Lol :yum:


I am still devestatingly handsome and irresistibly charming.


I am better looking than @Englishd :kissing_heart::yum:


Which puts you in the top 99.99 percentile.


I can just imagine the flock of children we would have if we had been eachothers wingmen in the drunk days.


I used to be a raging asshole. Now I am only a fucking asshole.



I am the best chef…my nephew said so…he’s 6 and is very wise!