Something nice about YOU!



I have THE most amazing silver strands of wisdom popping out of my head! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand:t2:


I have a big, huge, above average… HEART!


Sounds like a Harry Potter Reference.


I’m an excellent driver…Dad lets me drive on Sunday!


I am constant and social


I am honest and upright


I am creative, innovative and resilient


It’s my favorite thread!


I have this unrelenting need to try to be a better person every day. Parts of that is based in being too critical of myself, which is exhausting – but in itself, I think trying to consciously and consistently improve oneself is a good quality.


It always makes me happy to wake up to someone waking this zombie up :heart_eyes:


It’s not the only thing that made me happy getting woken up. :joy:


I can grow some really fantastic tomatoes.


Empathetic- sometimes to a fault!


I am so proud of myself for reaching my weight loss goal today! It’s taken me 9 months of sobriety and new healthy habits to lose 30lbs! I just had to share and show people that if you stick to your goals, anything is possible💜I’m so thankful for my health and sobriety, have a wonderful day everyone! I am healthy, happy and best of all SOBER


I’m a survivor! Domestic abuse? Survived that and kicked that clown-shoe of a man to the curb. Became a DV advocate for a year. Helped women and men in serious danger get away from violent partners. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I did it and feel proud of my work.


I am strong :slight_smile:


I’m less of an asshole than I was yesterday


Not true :wink: stop lying.


I matter, I’m enough, I’m important, I am somebody🌸


Something nice captain! Try again :slight_smile: