Sometimes I just want to break things


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So yeah, sometimes I’m just so filled with frustration and anger, I wish I had a bat and a car to smash. When I was a kid I vented my frustration on the ridiculously overgrown Kochia Weeds in our 6 acres of pastureland, chopping them down one at a time with a machete.

Maybe I should have seen a therapist…


I will show you to my coworkers car.


I’d like to tag along.
Breaking a car window with a punch always looked bad ass in the movies.


So much harder than it looks. Trust me.


I imagine dead sober it would hurt like a motherfink


This dude is in for it. My high school organized an event where you could pay a dollar for a couple whacks at a beater old car. It was so thoroughly destroyed at the end that it didn’t look much like a car. Cost the school a few hundred dollars to do. Buying the car and paying for the disposal and clean up.


Wasn’t there a scene like that in “remember the Titans”


Saw a video of a police officer grabbing some drunk aholes window and shattering it by pulling. That was pretty awesome.


Probably where my unoriginal high school got it from…


Wouldn’t know about sober, but I’m damn sure it hurt when I was drinking.


Next time look around people BUY scrap n junk cars and they would have paid u a hundred bux to get rid of it. They used to have a driving range here with cars through-out the lawn. It was fun i miss it!


That sounds like a blast. We do have a punching bag in our garage. Needs to be mounted. That would be a good healthy anger vent.


We actually had a day in highschool where you could pay money to smash up a junker car with a bat. Great idea. Some cities have smash rooms with a similar idea behind them.


Our highschool did the car smash up for homecoming. We took the door off that old hoopty with sledge hammers. A lot harder than it looks lol but a hell of a lot of fun


Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m talking about. Wish I was able to just smash stuff sometimes. It’s really satisfying to smash out windows and break glass. I dont do it though…


And Limp Bizkit is playing in my head… “Break you fucking face tonight!”


You know you kinda sound like the Hulk, right?


Yeah, except I dont get strong, just skinny and white.


You probably just made Fred durst’s day


Definitely Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water inspired.