Songs that have helped you through tough times


Aren’t we all? :wink:



My favorite part of the song is when he sings I’m not a hero or a villian not a good just a man


IGGYYYYY…I love him. I saw Iggy&stooges live in 2006-2008ish Iggy was great…he sang I wanna be your dog TWICE during that gig…maybe he forgot he already done that one :slight_smile: I’ve been listening to an artist called Peaches a little lately…he did this song with Iggy:


Good stuff, never heard that one before!


I posted this same video in the my alt rock thread…love me some Iggy!


I hear it me too. I have can listen to Funhouse over and over without ever getting tired of it!

#28 my sister sent me this song right after she found out I decided to finally get help. i listen to it almost every day. :grin::heart:


How do you post a video on here from YouTube?


Just copy the url, go to reply and under uploads, paste it in the comments. Just wait until the download says 100% or it wont download. You can also hit the icon that has an arrow pointing up and paste it there. That probably doesn’t help. @C-sun is much better at describing and screen shooting how to do things.


use the actual url


nice song…powerful lyrics, thanks for sharing


Cold War Kids - First


I once pressed play for cold war kids - dear miss lonelyhearts, thinking it’d be a cover of a Thin Lizzy masterpiece…it wasn’t.


This is a thread about how to do most of the stuff I know how to do.


Oh okay gotcha. Thank you for the help!




Thanks for this. I think I’ve heard this artists name somewhere, but never actually listened to a song by him.Looks like he really connects with his fans and audience…I love that little bit where that one girl was rapping along with him in the middle of the song…the look on her face was amazing. This is what this thread was created for so others get to feel what really touches you…great.


What about this one?