Songs that have helped you through tough times


Great stuff! Always liked that band.


Too bad that Shannon Hoon had to go so early aswell…he had a great and unique voice…Did you know he was the backing vocalist for Guns&Roses song Don’t Cry for example…


No I didn’t know that about him. He was amazing and truly a tragic loss. An authentic sound and voice that never gets old.


Oats on the Water, by Ben Howard.


Not going to lie. I love trashy pop music. Taylor Swift rules my playlist


Great song!


I wish you wuold have lied :wink:


I need a little ribbon I can hand out for comment of the day award.


Based on what i was playing when the withdraws started (a lot of NIN and the like) YouTube decided i needed to hear this and i ended up playing it constantly, it’s like a conversation between this guy and his addictions, at least that’s how I interpreted it, and the mellow vibe kept me sane through the shakes and cravings…


I’ve just discovered this song, I’ve been singing it all weekend lol


Hope the link works…Your Decision - Alice In Chains


Love that song!!


Never heard this before…sounds great. I love singer sonwriter kinda artists…this reminds me of Dylan somehow…


Was expecting some industrial or something cause of the NIN comment…but this is something completely different (monty python)…I like how it’s a singer driven groove…I’ve done some singing in my time and really appreciate good singers like this person…


Alice in chains is one of my favourites back in the ninetees…Layne sure made some bad decicions.


@Neighbrofthebeast668 I used to listen to this album a lot…and I think this song is like made for this group of recovering people


Because it’s so beautiful. ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪



Thank you for this…If it weren’t already past my bedtime I’d go and try that on my keyboard…I promise to learn atleast the left hand thingie :wink:


Oh my goodness that would be awesome. Update me if you learn the left lane thing! ฅ’ω’ฅ