Songs that have helped you through tough times


Had forgotten about this guy…I wonder if he ever did anything else


I wonder if I can get the sheet music for this. It’s beautiful.


Hell yeah, that’s the main one I was listening to lol, I was gonna post it when I got back home this afternoon…wish I could give u 2 likes for that one!


Yeah, it’s way off from what I usually listen to, and nothing like what i was listening to that night, it caught me off guard too lol I think it queued up after marilyn Manson “3rd day of a 7 day binge”


You can, there is an adobe PDF on the second link when you search for “sheet music comptine d’un autre été”. I tried putting it on here but it wasn’t supported.


I love that MM song…I’ve been sort of hooked on playing that no guitar lately…so simple yet so captivating…also love four rusted horses atm


Yes he did, he was so talented, shame he let go.


That’s what I like about machine gun kelly he’s all about his fans and putting his struggles that real people deal with not just that rap u hear on the radio that makes no connections. I couldn’t listen to the link u put it said something about infringement but I will look it up now



Hell yeah, now were talkin :love_you_gesture:


Song of the moment.

Foster the people - sit next to me


Sounds like a feel good song. I was even able to resist the urge to disrespect the singer for the autotune :wink:


Cool and mellow…I would use this for driving music


Down and Out - Tantric


I’ve no idea how to sent a link on here and I’m not sure if you’re interested or just laughing at me as I’m a real softy :joy: but I just listened to Cat Steven and heard Can’t keep it in like the very first time. Is it only me or do you have this feeling sometimes too that everything is possible. And I want scream out loud that I love the new me … even though it seems to be a long hard road to feel love somehow. If that makes sense… Just random …have a beautiful sober night or day every body :hugs::hugs::hugs: love you all



I love my life by Robbie Williams :slight_smile::notes:


This song is my go to song for when I feel like drinking. Backyard Babies played it a lot last tour in memory of Robert “strings” Dahlqvist of the Hellacopters…the message reminds me of how shitty using and drinking are and the chorus is awesome…



Michael Jackson -Man in the mirror