Songs that have helped you through tough times


See Gabe, much like in politics you are welcome to that view whilst the rest of us know the real truth that Finland has the best Rock ever :wink:


Hellacopters and Backyard Babies are 2 of the best shows I’ve ever been too man. I guess Hardcore came here to the states to play a few years ago and I guess it was bad. Ha


Ahhhhhhhh. I have just not been exposed to it. Im sure I would love it as I am a rocker. Thru and thru. Are you from Finland??


I was listening to this song a lot when I was coming off dope. it was crazy cuz I heard it for the first time the day after my buddy died of an overdose
RIP Paul


I love backyard babies…I think Dregen is one of the coolest dudes in Rock ever…hellacopters gotta love too…Hardcore came out I suppose early 2000 or so…I liked them too, but not as much as BB…lots of great bands from sweden though like mustachs, electric boys, in flames, graveyard…
What I would recommend from funland would be definately bands like Amorphis, Michael Monroe, Flaming Sideburns, Negative, HIM, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, sooo many…
and of course america is the home of rock&roll in many ways…


I had to edit post. I meant that they came here to the states to play a few years ago. Not when they came out. Whoopsi


Lo Fedility Allstars- Battleflag


Great…reminds me somehow of the Primal Scream album called XTRMNTR


KMFDM- Juke Joint Jezebel


I used to listen to Drug against war a lot way back then :slight_smile:




“Did you think I stumbled into you in the dark, with closed eyes? I waited for you” “Can’t walk through this blessed life like like a blind”
I like John Butler songs, this one in particular.


Love the deep bass…I can envision myself listening to this on my headphones at a dark night sitting on a hill overlooking the city, just enjoying the moment


I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much all music helps me in my recovery. It’s like my meditation time. I always thought you had to be in a quiet dark room to meditate, but I’ve been informed that if listening to music and riding my bike clears my head and keeps me at peace then it’s meditation.


This one is da bomb!!! Always made me feel good. :slight_smile: ANY Staind song. But this one helps now :):smiley:


And this one :slight_smile:


Thanks for these two songs…I think that the singer in Staind has an awesome voice…and the second one reminds me a little of Tool for some reason…I think it’s the rythm of bass and drums together…a good singer in this one aswell


I liked him too until he went country.

Love these guys!


Gotta like the marching rythm…Clearly a very professional bunch of musicians…