Songs that have helped you through tough times


I saw a show that was theory of a deadman, these guys and Adelitas Way. Theory sucked ass compared to the two opening bands! Adelitas Way, damn, they were Amazing!!! That guy WANTED to be there! But I loved these guys too. Shinedown is still my favorite live concert so far.


And Lizzy Hale. She can SING!!! I can keep a tune but that girl has some amazing pipes


I’ll just leave this here and I hope that non of us need ever go back to square one…


Like George Costanza! :joy:


I’ve seen hundreds of shows…music lover all my life. I used to go to all the summer festivals from the age of 13 untill I was like 25…after that not so constantly but still steadily been on clubgigs etc…seen most of my favourite artists…and it’s good since not that much music is made anymore…the kind that I really like…so no more gigs either…


I’ve probably seen around 100 live shows, I used to go a lot too but these days I don’t often. It has to be damn good to go! I love listening to people play live the most. They either suck or are great. The ones that are great without all the editing are the best!


I’m also a huge music lover, I don’t watch tv much because I would rather listen to music


This is the same dude, but a little newer song…I went to the same highschool with him…He’s pretty clever and always has good meaning in his songs…


That’s a really cool story, he’s catchy! I like him!


NPR & K-Love. Had to stop listening to country radio, I know it’s cliche, but every song is about drinking.


Lyrics are pretty much how I felt back then…


John Butler Trio… YES!!!


Love this cover…



Love this song and the band


Not a fan of Corey Taylor, But I love Apocalyptica…and I’m not Jesus


For some strange reason I thought of @DowntroddenGoat when listening to this


I listen to a variety of music because it is the lyrics I love. One song about recovery that helps me is by Tom Walker - Leave a Light On.



Omg thank you Finland for Nightwish