Sorry, hitting reset in 5...4...3...2....1

Sorry to leave you all today, proud on all of your strength! Hope to join you sober stars quick again.
I see my friends next to the pool, having fun and laughs… and rose wine… can’t beat them yet… sorry. And not willing to change friends and wife for this… :wink:
I will try to postpone for an hour if possible, but the craving is too hard… thanks for the support the past 6 days!


Up to you my friend. If you have a problem you gotta sort it sometime.
There’s always going to be a reason not too.


Yeah, I know… one day as I really hit rock bottom maybe or start day drinking… don’t know yet…

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“41 years old, drinking heavy for half my life.”
“she doesn’t see the beast lurking in the dark yet”

Be safe and come back when you’re ready. You know all your friends are on their own journey, as far as drinking goes. Yours is individually yours. There is life and fun without it.
Nice to meet you, Kevin, and sweet of you to tell us goodbye,:raising_hand_woman::grin:


It is 100% possible to hang out with family and friends by the pool and not drink and still have lots of fun and laughs. It can be challenging in early days to believe this or for it to feel natural or comfortable, but all things worth fighting for take time and patience.

There will ALWAYS be some reason to drink…good day at work, bad day at work, celebrating!, drowning our sorrows, weddings, funerals, holiday, sun is shining, bbq, beach day, day ends in Y.

Step out sober and :muscle: strong! Believe in yourself. Take a short walk or swim if you feel tempted. Look on here or post. Drink more fizzy water or eat more food.

You CAN enjoy all life offers sober if you desire to. :heart:


Wij zijn hier Kevin. Take care. It’s your life. We all got only one to spend.


Don’t apologise to us. Honestly don’t even know why you posted this lol. You already feeling that shame and guilt? Either why my concious is clear and I wake up hangover free not hating myself :slight_smile: have fun


And seriously, my husband and friends still drink. We do not have to stop hanging out with friends and family. We can be sober around others who drink. The choice is yours. All the best to you on your journey!:heart:


I always say to my guys its your choice if you really desire to stay sober and make effort then your life will change , but if you want to go back to being drunk and thinking that your missing out on a happy life then your decision.


Posted it to see the support and trying to hang in here and read some reasons why and how to survive…
What also triggered me is that I started to read the naked mind a book someone suggested this week. And somewhere page 10 or so she says, drink if you want at the start… when you are done reading you will have less cravings… so now my mind says, maybe it is possible… still thanks everyone for taking time to leave a reply. X


Just remember when you can control it do you enjoy it? And when you enjoy it, can you control it? Try to only have two drinks tonight and that’s it. If you can do that and still have fun, then maybe you don’t have a problem


I read that and thought it was not a good thing to put in her book. You’re an intelligent man, if you’re not ready it’s ok; by that being the one thing you held onto from the book is kind of a red flag. Just be careful and mindful.


Go out and buy some Non-alcoholic wine!! Honestly this helped me a lot. It was nice to have the taste and feeling of drinking wine without the shit hangover and mental health it caused. I feel if you posted this, part of you wants to find the support not to drink.


When I was drinking, no one could get me to stop, except me, because I didn’t want to. Now that I am sober, no person or thing can get me to drink, because I don’t want to.

Sobriety: you have to want it.


It’s an interesting suggestion. With the increasing awareness from the book and people here, I wonder what might come from one more experiment as well.

This. :point_down:

It took me many experiments before admitting it just wasn’t worth it.


Well be here for you if you want sobriety… no judgement.

Hope it works out for you. Drinking ran its course for me.

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Might be too late by then bud.
I can hang around with drinkers all day and everyday and it doesn’t bother me at all. Because I’ve changed my attitude.
I don’t drink.
Bit of pain for so much gain.
Let’s hope you don’t cause anyone else pain mate.
Have a nice life.


Sorry to disappoint some of you… or maybe the opposite… but I survived! Had some amazing discussions and eventually found some unexpected support! Did have one sip of wine, but did not want it at all! Nice message my body gave my mind. Found it disgusting at that time.
Happy and sober morning, enjoying the sunshine and celebrating day 6 now:-) love you all xx


Sorry I feel really confused you say you had a sip of wine ! That would be like me having a small stone to smoke ! And saying I survived! But the intention was there ! Just thinking out loud .


I fully understand what you mean. But my mind was so split between I will survive and I want to try… so I said, have a taste, if you like it, go on and drink. But if you honestly dislike the taste, put it away. So I took 1 sip of my wife’s glass, and did not like it at all. That was a confirmation that my mindset is strong at this time, strong enough to not want to take a 2nd sip! :slight_smile: