Spooky Sobriety Check in 🎃

This is one of the hardest holidays for me, as it is/was my favorite!

I am going to a show later, and preparing myself to be overstimulated and socially anxious. Reminding myself I can leave whenever I want, and focus on my own enjoyment.

In case nobody has told you recently, I am so proud of you. You are so strong, in all the little ways in this difficult world people may not see.

How are you feeling today? If you’re celebrating what are you up to?


I’m proud of you as well. Enjoy yourself and have fun. I’m honestly not doing much, gym then relaxing


I’ll be celebrating with the ladies at an AA meeting tonight. There will be cake and a few will be getting coins for the yearly anniversaries. I’m looking forward to sharing their joy. :blush:


My first sober Halloween. Usually i had quite a few under my belt by this stage of the evening. And I never dressed up because I couldnt be bothered by the time I got the kids costumes done. This was the first year I wasnt rushing home for a drink. Another day sober and another memory with my kids :jack_o_lantern::ghost:


You guys look great!!!

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Happy Halloween! I’m not doing anything and in fact I skipped out on my weekend plans cause I didn’t think I could do them and stay sober. I’ll be at my fams house handing out candy though. I hop we get a lot of trick or treaters


I didnt think I could do it either but I did! 35 days sober and I did it. I drank for 25 years and have never been sober on a major holiday or event. My children and I had such a great time.


For me halloween is basically just another day. When i used, everyday was an excuse to use quite frankly… so holidays dont really have an impact on me. I missed out on being “present” durong my holiday activities bcuz of drugs. I do try to celebrate holidays now that im clean tho, for memories and to spend time with friends amd family etc. But this year we literally arent doing anything. My son cant eat/drink by mouth so he doesnt want to go trick or treating (even tho we gave him the option to go and just check out the costumes). So we will probably just try to relax tonight and watch a halloween show or play some games :slight_smile:


Y’all look amazing! Such a great memory for you and the kiddos :heart:


you all look amazing!!! congrats :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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that is a good perspective to have i think. for me this holidays feels like a lot of social obligation, but i like how you said you now focus on being present, the memories and spending time with fam/friends. that’s what’s really important.
hope y’all have a lovely evening :slight_smile: