Spot it, you got it

Ever been driving and someone with their high beams on is coming your way, so you go to flash yours and realize that yours are on too? Well, it’s kinda like that.
(Note: I don’t know how this analogy will translate in other countries. It may not)


Not sure if I am getting the analogy 100% correct… but I’m assuming it means if you see insecurities and flaws in other people you most likely experience them yourself?

I can agree to that. I didn’t start noticing alcoholic traits in others until I became a full blown one myself.

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Ding ding ding!!! Exactly. For me it has to do with judging others. I see some guy with his shoes untied and think “look at this dummy with his shoe untied” only to look down and my fly is unzipped. Either that makes me a dummy too, or we are all human and make mistakes- either way we are equal so why judge so harshly?

Being on this sobriety journey and learning to be okay with my flaws and insecurities, I spend a lot less time picking out other people’s flaws and just focus on mine.