Start over once again

Man, I relapsed and have to start my time all over! But honestly I’m proud of myself for feeling so guilty about the situation and catergorizing it as something that is a failure. It just tells me that’s my thought process has finally changed and I’m ready to start back at being sober AGAIN so day 1 over now plenty more to come!


Congrats on day one Katelyn! We all do this one day at a time. Together we do this. Alone is just alone. Happy you’re here. Success!


Part of they key once you start, you never start over in the big scheme of things!

Here’s I quote I heard the other day.

“You only live once! Incorrect, you live every day, but you only die once”

Keep moving forward, and get closer to your goals everyday!


Try to learn from your relapse. Any idea why you drank? Ever heard of H.A.L.T?

H= Hunger
A= Anger
L= Loneliness
T= Tired

The H.A.L.T rule is a reminder for the why of cravings for me. If I have them I wonder why and I think about the halt list. If I’m hungry I eat. If I’m angry I vent. If I’m lonely I phone someone, etc. It helps preventing me from drinking.