Started meds today

Went back on antidepressants today. Wellbutrin.

Could feel a difference… side effects, mostly. Didn’t sleep too well.

And while they did take a little of the edge off my emotions, they are still there.

Mostly sadness over things I’ve done in the last few months, what it means, and what the future holds…


I wish you nothing but happiness in your future.

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Sounds like a very positive step going back on meds. :+1:

Hi i take antidepressants as well as well as a addict I’m also bi polar… i hope they help you and you r getting some support x

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I had very positive experiences with Wellbutrin and also Lexapro. Wellbutrin helped me kick smoking many years ago.

Getting thru the side effects can be rough sometimes and sleep does suffer early on with Wellbutrin. Take it is AM for sure.

Hopefully will even things out for you and help you feel more steady.

I’m thinking of asking my doctor for an antidepressant medication, just to see if that helps curb my drinking. Has anyone else noticed any link between taking antidepressants and the drinking habit?

Everyone’s experience is unique. I can share what happened to me. I was definitely self-medicating depression and anxiety with alcohol. That meant getting proper treatment (including medication and therapy) was a big factor in getting sober. That said, getting on meds wasn’t a magical cure for me. It’s just one more tool in the toolbox, if that makes any sense. Worth discussing it with your doctor in any case.


Meds can help stabilize emotions, thus making it easier to roll up your sleeves and get down to work on you.

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How u feeling today. Hope your ok x xxx

Remember it takes a few weeks to get the full effects of antidepressants. Hang in there. I’m on Cimbalta for my anxiety and pain…it took a few weeks for me. :two_hearts::pray:

I’ve taken wellbutrin for the past year. In fact I started taking it regularly after I completed inpatient treatment over a year ago. It helped me deal with the depression of what was going on in my life at the time (divorce). It definitely helped me stay on track with my program. I also take sam-e, which is otc but complimentary to prescription antidepressants. Good luck.


I would drink to forgot and thought it made me feel better. I started Lexapro, and noticed a big difference. I felt more balanced, and in control of my emotions. That made it easier to not use alcohol as an escape.

When I did drink heavily while on antidepressants the mood swings were more severe. So in my case, the meds made stopping drinking a little easier.

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My experience with wellbutrin has been to give it 3 to 5 weeks before I expect to notice significant mood improvements, and that the side effects decrease a lot after a few weeks. Wish you all the best!


Other than not sleeping, I find the meds are leveling the peaks and valleys a little.

Did any Wellbutrin users here experience the insomnia? If so, did it improve with time, or stay the same?


Glad u r levelling out … what r wellbutrin for ? R they a antidepressant ? X

Yes, I had insomnia for awhile, about 2 months or so as I recall. But it did level out a bit. Unfortunately not enough and I got started on Ambien and that was total bad news. My PTSD was harsh back then, and my sleep really suffered for it.

I bet your sleep will improve soon, give it a little time. You should know after a couple of months or so if Wellbutrin is a good fit for you. Keep in touch with your doctor thru the process.

Yes, wellbutrin is an antidepressant - in the NDRI family.

I take antidepressants myself… it took a few different types before they found the one that suited me… but i can honestly say that they help loads and I don’t wake up to that dark foggy feeling anymore x hope they work well for you cos there’s nothing worse then feeling depressed x

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They make medicine specifically to curb your drinking. While antidepressants work well for some things, there is medication specifically designed to help you through this stage of your life or forever. I’m happy to tell you about my alcohol addiction and the course I used for correction if you want to know more. In a few weeks you may find that you don’t even remember the cravings or constant need to drink. I am absolutely speaking from experience. Nothing hypothetical here. There are mounds of medical research and studies that you should read.

Start here:
And here:
This is medical research. Whatever side effects are highlighted, many people do not feel any at all or they subside very quickly. The key is to find the right dosage for you.