Starting again again

I had a good two years sober then in 2020 my wife had an affair, and wanted a divorce, which i agreed to… thing’s were going as planned then she completely did an about face abd didnt want a divorce to run off with new chap… but i still wanted a divorce…she made things really hard for me… since then i have moved 300 miles away, got a new job, met a new partner but my drinking is rearing its ugly head. I managed six weeks sober before a recent holiday, but this weekend i drank a bottle of brandy and today i feel lkke shit. Day one. I knkw i can do this but today i just need to get past day one


My ex boyfriend moved in as soon as i was gone went to AA never looked back wish you well


Glad you’ve made your way back. You’re right, you absolutely can do this. I hope your life changes have served you well and wish you the best as you start your sober living again!


Thanks. I think i was doing well , with the affair etc but when she changed her mind and bombarded me with messages i just gave up…

I tried to buy a house but it fell through
I ended up relocating just to get away from her…and i have a less stressful job but it pays less…until all the settlement is sorted i have double costs… and i didnt have an affair !

But i need to refocus


You’ve gotten a raw deal, that’s for certain. Hope the settlement and all those details are resolved soon so you can properly get your fresh start. Good to get back to recovery when life things get shitty. It would be easy to fall into resentments (at least for me I could see that happening) and (in the past) that was always my toughest thing to not drink at. Hang in there.

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We don’t drink, no matter what. No. Matter. What. Nobody or nothing can make you drink. And if you decide to be sober, you can handle anything.

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I agree. I don’t think any one made me drink, i just gave up trying