Starting again day1


The reason i drink is because i am lonely and somethimes i get bored. Especialy now when i dont have a job.
Butt today i start the clean life again.


I started again yesterday. I do out of frustration from my high pressure job. I want a hobby but don’t have time for one. I’m exhausted all the time. Typically I work 10-12 hours a day. When I do have a day off I celebrate way too much!


Lonely and bored. Ditto. That’s what got me. I could go all day or sometimes not drink a day simply because I was busy. It was personal issues… I didn’t like being around myself… those lonely bored times.

Get into a new hobby. Preferably something where you’re around people, even if you’re not directly interacting. For me, hitting the gym with the early risers does it. Mountain biking other times. Plus, mountain biking has a really solid community with group rides, the local clubs often having weekly group rides with grilling out after. Let fitness become a goal. It chemically helps the mind, helps develop mental focus (chi, if you will), and gets you non-bored and around people. There’s lots of options.


Ok thats good. Yeah i do sporting.


Have you guys heard of HALT?


These can all be triggers because they bring us down. If we can learn to recognise them in ourselves they’re easier to fix.


I’ve heard of it and it’s a daily experience these days… like right now… tired


Boredom always got me. One day I sat down and thought of things I would like to do but never could because of drinking, you would be surprised what you actually miss in life. With the warm weather coming I have noticed myself taking more and more interest in nature, a nice trail walk does wonders to sooth my mind if your not the sporting type. If you get lonely, pop on here and read or respond just remember you are not alone, there are many of us and we support each other through sites like this or AA meetings.


Someone said to me in a meeting - don’t mistake peace for boredom. I was talking about how I couldn’t picture a sober life. Just bring a good mom, a good daughter, a good employee? An all American contributing member of society? Sounds sucky. But then I realized he was right. I don’t know how to just appreciate peace and be still. I’m working on it.



Yes peace instead of boredom. I think that boredom will continu when you stay drinking, also with the hangovers there is never time for peace inside of yourself. And tjust waiting for the next day to feel a bitt better.
Lets find the way to peace then.


Today day one again after many day one’s…got to get this…


Hang in there. You are not alone!