Starting Day 1 Over

I went 90 days with no problem. I was feeling great, sleeping great. I had a friend that kept bothering me telling me she missed the drinking me and then I let myself go figured I could get away with one or two. While one or two led to five or six and now 3 months later that friend and I had a huge falling out after I got drunk one night and acted like an a******. Now that friend is no longer around. Now I’m not blaming her because I am my own person and I should have never started up after 90 days. So I’m back to Day 1 again


Totally agree there is no way you can hang with people oh miss the old you.


That ain’t no friend. My goodness people can be horrible. Telling you she misses the drinking you!?!? No bueno! Then the fight and peacing out? Damn. Yes, I agree, not her fault but that’s really shitty. Maybe that’s what it takes to realize where here motives really were. Any “friend” that does not support your sobriety because it fucks with their personal life is selfish and unworthy of your friendship.

Anyway, start fresh, surround yourself with supportive people and keep on keeping on :slight_smile:


Welcome! This is a great first step towards a better life.

When I got sober, I protected my sobriety like it was the only thing I had. Honestly, without it I will lose everything. I changed people, places and things.

People. What I found…true friends, people who cared for me as a person, supported me. Normal drinkers cannot quite wrap their head around alcoholics. True friends, didnt try to understand, they just supported me.

Those people that didnt. I cut out of my life. Some came back on their own. They didnt understand what I was going thru. Over time, the realised my friendship was important. Those people are now what I consider acquaintances. Important people, but I dont go out of my way. I will help them…but we no longer share the drinking life style.

Those that didnt come back, were truly never friends.


Good Morning from Florida. So I have relapsed a few times myself. I went almost 2 years without a drink and thought I had a handle on things and went right back into old habits. I then went 77 days and relapsed again. This time I have only made it a few days and I relapse. So today July 12th 2021 I start over again at day 1 AGAIN. Its frustrating and annoying. Its like come on now man get with the program you know what you have to do but I fall so easy because I think “this time will be different” might be slightly different at first but it always ends the same way so nothing changes. Its hard for me waiting and hoping to change and not knowing if its ever going to happen but its harder to give up when i know its everything I want.

So welcome to the threads and group. We got this one day at a time.


Well your friends not around now to bother you , so try a meeting they will help meet sober friends wish you well


Yes we do!

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We do need to ‘get with the program’ and stick with it, just a step at a time keep moving forward. For an alcoholic like me its life or death the choice is that simple, do the work or we get worked over.


I remember the saying show me your friends an ill show you who u are. Choose them wisely, alot of the time my so called friends were just enablers kept me stuck in the same situations.

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Welcome back!

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I never believed one slip should start you over at day one. You caught yourself and didn’t let it snowball. Maybe just me, but I’d say you have 91 days and one stumble. Best of luck!