Starting day 3at 3am

I am having a bit of insomnia with this new sobriety path. I’m not a napper, so I will just have to be extra careful today. I don’t seem to get tired during the day so at least there’s that :slightly_smiling_face:. But I just try to remember despite the early waking hours, I still feel better than if I was hungover!


Took awhile for my sleep to regulate. Its worth it.


It took my body a very long time to settle into a healthy sleep pattern as well. No shame in resting if you do get tired. Tea and reading at 3am was pretty common for me for a long time. :heart: And yes, way better than drunk passed out sleep or a hangover. :people_hugging:

Day 3 and tired is a lot better than Day 0 with a hangover and regrets.


Thanks guys… I usually hit a wall :brick: at 3 days but so far so good. I gave my bank cards to my best friend for protection :sweat_smile:

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