Starting Fresh looking for Encouragement!

Im 26 years old I have 2 amazing children and a women. Who love me !! I have 1 big problem tho , and it’s the bottle!!! I am tired of Drinking day in an day I need to focus on me and my family it’, I have wasted so much ttime an money Drinking I’m read to sober up an this application is gonna help me redeem myself


If you’ve become tired, it’s the right time @Andrew_Martinez.
It’s an insidious poison that, more than anything, wears us down.
Can you manage 3 days? Because if you can, you will have beaten the worst of it.
Can you sacrifice 3 days of booze for the people who love you? Of course you can!


I christen thee “andrew the redeemer”!

Just like Christ, you too, have died… (the old boozed up you i mean) and you are now resurrected into the strapping and sober young man i see before me!

Good luck Andrew the redeemer!


The connection was right in front of me yet I could not see - you have shown me the light @Quitter.
Have I got a Hallelujah?


Thanks you both for taking a momeny out of your guys busy day to give me some feed back I will continue to do this I want this nobody else !! Christ is good I will pray I will job forward I am ready gor positivity and change It excites me to be sober